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Benelux-HLE1190-SNCB Mons 1996

Benelux-HLE1190-SNCB Mons 1996.jpg Eurostar-TMST-class373-Bruxelles-Midi novembre 1994Thumbnails
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  • mediarail - Sunday 10 May 2020 14:17
    The SNCB Class 11 locomotives were built in the 1980s for hauling the Benelux trains between Brussels, Belgium, and Amsterdam, The Netherlands. They operated in the push pull mode - remotely controlled from a leading driving trailer when at the rear of the train. They are numbered 1181-1192 to avoid clashing with NS Class 1100 locos that were still in use at that time.
    Technical data (french) : http://mediarail.be/Belgique/Materiel_roulant/SNCB/Locomotives_electriques/11/Tech.htm